Selected writings/ documentaries

bio_image_mark_hancockIn my writing and short films, my primary question is: who am I, standing in front of this art work? How can I learn and reflect on the contemporary world by using this artwork as a conduit to that new insight?

My writing has appeared in a number of publications, including Hothaus papers and Wire magazine. Online you used to be able to read some of my reviews on the BBC website, but it looks like they’re no longer available (don’t know why I bring it up, really. Still, maybe they live on somewhere?).

In recent years I’ve explored the short documentary/interview format, expanding how I think and reflect on artists and their work. These are still early stages of becoming something interesting in their own right, so should be viewed as such. There are a few links after the selected texts.

Selected writings

Issue 376 of the Wire has a short extract of my review of Caroline Devine’s installation for Ikon Gallery, along with her video documentation. Beyond that, you’d have to hit their archives for further reading.


Power, Politics, Art and Activism: The Shifting Identities of Janez Janša
Digital pleasure in the aesthetic artefact
Innovation happens at the frayed edges – Resonate 2014
Industrial landscapes of the future/past: DataisNature and the work of Paul Prudence


Divine Revenance. David Bowen’s Spacejunk
Moving-remixing. The economy of motion. Mark Amerika
Kim Asendorf. Censored censored chinese news
Decode exhibition. Software art at victoria & albert museum

Writing for Talking Birds’ Cart project

A city’s heartbeat has many rhythms.
And so to the problem of joining it all up
Why Coventry is like some kind of pea-pod

Video interviews/short documentaries